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May 31, 2019

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family dentist Murfreesboro, TNAt Three Rivers Family Dentistry in Murfreesboro, TN. We recommend that you help your child brush his teeth until he is seven. When he’s finally old enough to do it alone here are some ways to help him be independent.

  1. Set the example for your child. Your children watch you all day long. They talk like you, act like you, they are always doing what you are doing. Brush your teeth every day so you child can see that it’s an important part of a daily routine,
  2. Make it a family affair. Make it fun. Show them mom and dad being silly while brushing their teeth. Laugh, dance, do whatever you can to make it a fun family time.
  3. Don’t worry about toothpaste. If your child can’t stand toothpaste don’t worry, just give them a wet toothbrush. Right now, all you need to focus on is making it a habit. Wet brushing is better than no brushing.
  4. Be positive with your child. Don’t get frustrated or impatient if teeth brushing takes too long. Enjoy it and relax and and they will enjoy it too.
  5. Three Rivers Family Dentistry in Murfreesboro, TN is dedicated to quality care and compassion to all of our patients dental needs. Our staff of professionally trained dentists, dental hygienists, and office staff are here to serve you each and everyday with the most thorough dental services in middle TN. Dr. Mark Connolly has the experience and abilities to handle all of you and your family’s needs when it comes to dental and oral procedures. Our staff can help you with every day dental cleanings, implant restoration, periodontal services, dentures, root canals and more.

    In addition, our dental practice is very friendly and welcomes families with children of all ages. We have an area for children to play and read in the waiting room area that your kids will love. We help to ensure the process of taking your children to the dentist is fun and caring so your children will learn to want to keep their teeth and overall oral hygiene clean.

    We work with most insurance providers and will help you with any insurance claims that you may have. Our staff will handle all of the processing and forms to ensure that your insurance provider is up to date with the correct information.

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