Periodontal (meaning around the tooth) scaling and irrigation is a procedure done to treat periodontal disease (gum disease). Dr. Mark Connolly provides periodontal services throughout Murfreesboro, TN and surrounding areas. There are a number of common gum disease types, and our professional dental team will work to make sure you and your mouth are not afflicted by any of them. We use dental scaling, which removes tartar from the gum line, and oral irrigation to treat the effects of periodontal disease and to keep our patients’ gums healthy and free of disease. By utilizing this type of technology, we are able to not only remove the tarter and gum disease from the gum lines but help you have a beautiful smile free from anxieties.

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When Is Dental Scaling Necessary?

Everyone experiences some form of plaque buildup. The saliva, bacteria, and proteins in your mouth form a thin layer that covers your teeth at almost all times. When you eat, tiny particles, acids, and sugars from the food stick to this film, creating a buildup on the teeth known as plaque. The bacteria that lives in this plaque can cause gum disease and tooth decay. Brushing, flossing, and regular dental cleanings will help remove the plaque and prevent more serious problems.

If you have healthy gums, the tissue will fit tightly around the tooth and keep plaque out. However, if gum disease begins to form, this tissue will loosen. Healthy gums attach to the tooth just 1 to 3 millimeters below the gumline. With gum disease, you’ll begin to develop deeper pockets. These can fill with plaque, worsening your problems and causing symptoms like bad breath.

If you have pockets of 4 millimeters or more, we may recommend dental scaling to remove the plaque beneath the gumline and help treat the gum disease. Dr. Connolly has years of experience with dental scaling at his Murfreesboro, TN office and would love he opportunity to help you. Fill out our online form to schedule an appointment today!

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